How To Earn Points

Earning points on the 2tyte Community is as easy as a,b,c.

You can earn points by doing the same simple things you do on Facebook everyday; things like commenting on profiles, images, sounds, videos and posts etc.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Earn POINTS:

Once you sign up

50 Points

Daily Login

20 Points

Uploading PHOTOS

5 Points

Uploading MUSIC

5 Points

Uploading VIDEOS

5 Points

Commenting on BLOGS, PHOTOS, MUSIC, VIDEOS & PROFILES 10 Points each time you comment


5 Points each time you comment

When other MEMBERS or GUESTS view, rate or post comments your PHOTOS, MUSIC, VIDEOS & PROFILES

5 Points each time you comment

Any determined individual can earn over 1000 points daily.

With the points accumulated, the individual can purchase any of the mentioned services...FREE!

All expense paid!