BigStreet (BTB Music Artiste at his music video with Director Adams Gud)

There are easy ways to achieve a simple but acceptable music video for your song project. You do not need huge capital to produce a good music video...believe me! All you need is a good music video concept.. Try as much as possible to make your concept simple enough. All that the audience wants to see is your face and your performance. So be ready to always learn a dance step for your music. Even 'A' list artistes do not miss that part in their planning. These days, artistes...even the 'A' list acts are producing cost effective music projects. No Body wants to waste a lot of money on a music video projects. still need money to promote the video once you are done.

Patoslim and Mary at his music video set directed by 2tyte Media

The most important factor would always be Camera used; the lenses available; proper lighting; bright and colorful costumes. So long as you can lay your hands on any HD quality DSLR cameras and a few lighting are good to go.

In subsequent articles, we shall be looking at the various acceptable cameras for your video projects and their advantages. We shall also discuss the proper way to light your set. But for now, let's just concentrate on the concept for a simple video project.


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Achieving a simple music video is as easy as it can be. First ensure that you record some calculated stationary shots of the artiste, using a fine DSLR camera. Though there are so many of them out there, i would recommend using Canon 5D Mark lll, or a Panasonic GH4. These two cameras are perfect for professional music video picture quality. These two piece of technology will guaranty a super clean picture quality. You would just need to attach the proper lenses...for varying image resolution. Also get some set of lights (Red Heads, Kino Flow etc) so that you can really create real great effects.


CANON 5D MARK lll with Lenses (Courtesy engage)


Panasonic GH4 Lumix (Google)


With your camera and lights, you are ready to shoot your first simple music video. Follow these simple steps.

1) Record 'close shots' of the artiste against a fine background or a plain backdrop (It may be a painting on the wall, a painted board or just a nice environment in the background.

Close up Shot of Nigerian Reggae/Dancehall act, Patoranking


2) Record medium shots of the artistes in the same position 

Example of a medium shot

3) Record the artiste walking and singing, or driving. You may vary his situations, depending on the concept of the song. The most important takes are steps 1 & 2.

4) Record the vixen using steps 1&2 as well. Then record the vixen in slow motion mode. This will give a fine effect during the final editing. (The vixen shots may be replaced party scene, beach scene or just people reacting to the music)

5) With the above footage, your music video project is as good as ready. All you need now are some EXTRAS. Extras are shots taken randomly from the environment. These images are used to just color the video and fill some areas.

One other factor that must be considered is the camera settings. It is very important that you get the service of some one who can calibrate the DSLR very well. For a small service fee, you can get the best hands to handle your camera, while you concentrate on directing your first simple music video.

I hope you learned one or two things from this little piece? I shall come next week with another article concerning your music video project. But if you would like us at to shoot your video for FREE; just join the community and earn points enough to merit a FREE music video shoot.

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